Weardale Museum and High House Chapel

Take a trip to Weardale Museum for a brilliant experience of life at the end of the lead mining period. The historic house and chapel offers a hands-on approach with interactive iPads and rug making, and has many sights to see, including freestyle The Weardale Tapestry and the lead miners kitchen. Pop next door into the High House Chapel to hear all of its beautiful history, or for their Sunday service.  Weardale Museum encourage your kids to explore and touch all the weird and wonderful objects they have!

The museum and chapel is just a short 17 minute drive from Nent Hall and will give you a great afternoon out before dinner.

The museum and chapel are open 1.30pm to 4.30pm Easter and Bank Holidays, and are open every day in July and August. Adult entry is just £3 and kids can go in for free!

Find out more at Weardale Museum


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